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Are you hot enough?

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The Application

Name :

Date of birth :

Location :

Star sign :

Tell us something interesting. It can be a secret, and embarassing story, a joke, anything :

5 Favourite bands :

5 Favourite films :

What colour underwear are you wearing :

What makes you think you're good enough for this community, eh? :

We want your opinion on:

  • 1337 :

  • Riot grrl :

  • George Bush :

Now, post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself (at least 1 should be unedited) :


The Rules

  • You must complete and post your application the same day you join the community. Otherwise, you will be removed.

  • Answer all questions on the application, and don't cheat. We'll find out.

  • Watch out for _celrd0r , the resident uber-bitch and mod.

  • What the mods say, goes.

  • Don't get touchy with our members if they give you negative feedback. This is a rating community. If you can't handle it, don't bother applying.

  • Take not that only people who the mods and members consider hot will be accepted.


The Mods - click pictures to link to profiles.





Members - click pictures to link to profiles.



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