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06:59pm 10/01/2005
  Name : Alliy Brophy.

Date of birth : March 8th, 1989

Location : St.John's, NFLD.

Star sign : Piscies.

Tell us something interesting. It can be a secret, and embarassing story, a joke, anything : I actually think Im very unnatractive.. But hey.

5 Favourite bands : The Used, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, NoFX, Rancid, The Distillers, etc.

5 Favourite films : Rocky Horror Picture Show, Ghost World, Beauty and the Beast, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mallrats.

What colour underwear are you wearing : Pink. :)

What makes you think you're good enough for this community, eh? : I dont think Im good enough. You tell me.

We want your opinion on:

1337 : A number?

Riot grrl : Name of a Le Tigre song.

George Bush : Hatehatehatehatehatehate.

Now, post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself (at least 1 should be unedited) :

^^ Yeah, Thats about as clear as my webcam gets.

Rawr. 3 in one.

Kinda small.. But oh well.

So, yeah. Thats it.
go baby go go